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Hi! I’m Christopher Seifel and welcome to The Polymath Pursuit. My mission is to provide you with the frameworks, models, and skills to achieve all of your goals. In essence, you will join me on a journey to become a polymath. I previously focused this newsletter on providing the best investment analysis and framework available to the public. I will be continuing this mission. Historically, I only provided detailed research reports, industry updates and analyses, and thematic investment primers related to investing. I will be expanding my scope to include all skills and topical knowledge to make you a well-rounded person. I aim to arm you with the knowledge and skillsets to become your best self, while assisting you in your investment decision-making process. Additional topics will include market commentary, portfolio construction, and other items related to security analysis and portfolio management. Please feel free to share this newsletter with friends, leave a comment, or reach out with any recommendations. I am humbled and excited to go on this journey with you all.

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Why This Newsletter is Different

This is a journey of knowledge and skill accumulation, something I have not found on the internet. I am also bringing the detailed fundamental analysis skillset that I developed in private equity to the public markets. I will also continue to share new investing ideas and frameworks as I learn them myself. I will tie a rigorous, ground-up approach to a top-down analytical framework so that you can have a holistic view of a company’s prospects. The additional market commentary and portfolio management material should help you in your own investment process.

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